Case Studies

Read more about the work we do, the people we work with and the positive outcomes our solutions have made for our clients.

Steam Pressure System Training

We developed a holographic training solution designed to support inspector training on pressure systems. This solution is used in the training school to train inspectors and has reduced training time from 5 days to 2 days.

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ISO Tank Training

Bureau Veritas asked us to develop ideas for a holographic simulation of a full size ISO tank to enable more convenient training for Carriage of Dangerous Goods qualifications as they sometimes don’t have access to ISO tanks in real life.

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Drone based Inspection visualisation

We are working with Puffin Technology to develop a 3D visualisation tool for drone based inspections, inspection findings management and closeout.

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Steam Pressure REducing SET Designer

Using Scenaria Editor to design a Pressure Reducing Set Training experience for Bureau Veritas Training School. The editor is being used within HoloLens and two people are working on the scene together.

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Maxilla Arch Dental Training

We took an intra-oral scan of a lower mandible from King College London Dentistry School and prepared it for display within a shared HoloLens environment using Scenaria. We later took the upper jaw scan and added tools to allow it to be moved, to show teeth names and numbers.

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Automotive Sales Training

We built an interactive engine and a full scale Mercedes for an automative sales training pilot to be shown in Dubai.

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Immunotherapy Training

Plymouth Science Park commissioned us to build an interactive training aid to describe how immunotherapy works to treat lung cancer. This is a self contained experience containing an audio track, 3D objects and video.

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Undersea Asset Inspection and Visualisation

We are working with a specailist provider of ROV asset models to bring the assets into the boardroom and enable remote inspection and decision making.

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It’s an industry game-changer and we’re really excited to see how the roll-out of this technology evolves moving forward.
— Rachel Rawlings - Accreditation Manager, Bureau Veritas